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Spot Inside Line™

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  • State-of-the-art, quality bikes
  • No retail markup

Ultimately, cyclists deserve more value than they're getting today. Bikes are better than ever, yet more expensive than ever. So we hit the reset button—we’re giving all consumers what we call Spot Inside Line™, which results in consumer savings into the thousands. Not discounted product, just not marked up.

Spot's Quick-Build Mountain Bike Box

A Spot mountain bike is a great investment on your way to fitness, performance, and overall trail enjoyment. We designed a packaging system to make sure that investment arrives safely to you. Our Quick-Build box suspends and cradles your mountain bike on its way to your doorstep. Two separate panels inside a spacious box keep the wheels, frame, and components neatly packaged and separated. The way the bike and wheels are attached to the panels helps to prevent possible damage from even the toughest shipping conditions. Each panel is easy to remove from the box with all parts attached, which keeps everything organized and ready for a quick build and bike setup. This design is exclusive to Spot.

It's Always New Bike Day at Spot, and This Year Is No Exception

New Bike Day is one of the joys of life. We're so grateful that we get to make these special days happen, every day. It's so rewarding to share our creations with you, and we're flattered that you've joined our journey to make the most of each ride with these incredible bikes. Your enthusiasm is our delight and our fuel.

Even though we have more New Bike Days than ever here at Spot, the wait times from order to fulfillment are longer than usual for two reasons: extremely high demand; and component shortages. As you've likely heard, the global bicycle supply chain is historically strained. From factories at capacity, to logjammed shipping lanes, to flat-out hoarding by large bike companies, it's harder than ever to assemble a complete bike. Most of the components on our bikes are sourced from around the globe and we do all the final assembly in-house. Lead times for components are historically around 60 days, but now many crucial components are out over a year! Despite these headwinds, our supply chain is still flowing, and your New Bike Day is just around the corner. We appreciate your patience and are working diligently to fulfill your order.

Some things to note regarding lead times before placing an order:

  1. In stock apparel, accessories, frames (not completes), Acmes (without light installation), ship within 1-3 business days from order placement.
  1. When viewing a product page on our website, after selecting your color, size, and build level, you'll see a message showing lead time, e.g. "Ships in 5-6 weeks", "In Stock", etc.
  1. Currently, our build queue completion time is running about 1 week from order placement. So even if the bike you order shows as "In Stock", it still needs to go into the assembly build queue, with the exception of items shown in note 1 above.

Some things to note regarding lead times after placing an order:

  1. When you placed your order, there would be a message on the product page showing the current lead time for the particular bike that you chose. All pre-order bike ship dates are provided when you hover over the "pre-order" button after selecting the proper options for the bike you wish to order.
  1. Please know that when you place that order, that lead time is our best estimate of when your bike will be ready. If you go back to the site at a later date, the estimated lead time shown may be longer; this doesn't mean that your bike is delayed. The bikes are fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.  
  1. There are four stages of the order and production timeline for complete mountain and gravel bikes:
  • Order Confirmation: your order has been received and confirmed.
  • Entering of the Build Queue: frame pre-assembly is complete and the components are picked. Build queue is currently running at 1 week (this includes "In Stock" bikes). The anticipation is growing!
  • Final Assembly: our expert technicians are building, tuning, and testing your dream machine. Now we're cooking!
  • Shipping or Pick-up: if your bike is being shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation and tracking number. If you are picking up your bike from our showroom, we will notify you that your bike is ready. New Bike Day!
  1. When a bike is shipped, it will arrive 95% assembled. For an experienced mechanic, the final assembly is a 15-minute job. To finish building the bike, a knowledge of work such as, how to properly tighten all 7 stem/headset bolts, install the left and right pedals on the appropriate crank arms, and how to install the front wheel safely, are all needed. If you cannot perform these actions, we offer you the choice to take the bike to your local bike shop for final assembly. Once the shop has finished the work, please send us a photo of your receipt for immediate reimbursement of up to $100 for the work they performed to assemble your bike (this reimbursement is NOT included for demo, used, or sale/closeout bikes with discounts in excess of 15%).

Transit times

After the bike is shipped, delivery transit time varies by location and delivery method, but for addresses within the continental US, transit time can take anywhere from one to five days.

International Purchases

The good news is that we ship directly to customers worldwide. You can place an order on our site. You may be subjected to taxation and/or other fees set by your country. Check with local authorities to find out what to expect upon receipt of your order. If ordering a complete bike, it will come 95% assembled. Even if you need to take it to a dealer for final assembly, it is only a 15-minute job.

We're here to help

If you have any questions about when you can expect your bike to be delivered, feel free to reach out to us at

Covering More Ground Since 1991

We have a proven history of innovation and an unwavering commitment to top-level engineering and design. From our groundbreaking Living Link suspension technology to our CenterTrack belt system invention, Spot Brand creates bikes that go faster, last longer, maximize your enjoyment, and simplify your cycling lifestyle.

The Lumpkin family founded Avid in 1991 and grew the component company into America’s largest brake manufacturer. After selling Avid and acquiring Spot, we turned our attention to building better bikes. First, we revolutionized the reliability and simplicity of belt drives by creating the CenterTrack design that has made Gates Carbon Drive the world’s best-selling and most durable bicycle belt system on the market.