Spot is a family-owned bicycle company located in Golden, Colorado.

A Proven history of innovation since 1991.

Proudly built in golden, colorado

We have a proven history of innovation and an unwavering commitment to top-level engineering and design. From our groundbreaking Living Link suspension technology to our CenterTrack belt system invention, Spot creates bikes that go faster, last longer, maximize your enjoyment, and simplify your cycling lifestyle.

Spot’s innovative spirit has deep roots. The Lumpkin family founded Avid in 1991 and grew the component company into America’s largest brake manufacturer. After selling Avid and acquiring Spot, we turned our attention to building better bikes. First, we revolutionized the reliability and simplicity of belt drives by creating the CenterTrack design that has made Gates Carbon Drive the world’s best-selling and most durable bicycle belt system on the market.

Now we are reimagining full suspension. Spot’s patented Living Link system couples a leaf spring with the main pivot to improve pedaling efficiency and enhance the linkage’s energy return, providing a boost atop the spring curve that powers you over roots and rocks. The leaf spring stiffens the frame laterally by acting as a horizontal shear plane. It also eliminates the lower rear pivot set seen on short dual link designs. Your mechanic can thank us for that one. Not only is the efficiency, traction, and handling dramatically improved, the bike takes on square edged obstacles with buttery ease.

Spot’s imaginative spirit and attention to detail has paid off. Our bikes have won week-long stage races, powered countless weekend rampages, and enabled commuters to enjoy their daily route. Publications like Bicycling, Bike Mag, Pinkbike, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Outside, Mountain Bike Action, and more have praised Spot’s ingenuity. But we are not just obsessed engineering nerds. We also ride hard, bagging 250,000 feet of elevation per year per employee! We love to earn our turns! We call Golden, Colorado home, because there are trails right out our door. We bike to win, but moreover we bike to live.