WInter Service Special


Serivce includes: full fork service, rear shock air can service, full drivetrain removal and cleaning, new cables and housing, bottom bracket service, front and rear brake service, pivot service, a comprehensive bike wash, freehub service, true wheels and fresh Stan's sealant in both wheels.

*Brake pads, rotors, bearings, and other parts (except for fork and shock seals) are not included in the price
**Balance of service is due upon completion of work, offer valid on Spot bikes only

Complete breakdown of services and individual prices included in the overhaul:

Fork Service $150
Complete breakdown of fork, removal of damper and air spring, damper checked for functionality and proper bleed, air spring cleaned and properly greased, installation of new wiper seals, fresh bath oil

Rear Shock Air Can Service $100
Thorough cleaning of air can, damper body, upper eyelet, damper checked for functionality and scoring / damage of internals, new air can seals

Drivetrain service with clean $60
Complete drivetrain disassembly and “bio wash”, hanger alignment or replacement, drivetrain adjustment with fresh lubricant (Muc-off dry), new cable and housing as needed

Bottom Bracket Service $25
Removal, inspection, cleaning and installation with fresh grease and teflon tape on BSA threads, all press fit BB’s will be replaced

Brakes - Front & Rear $100
Pad and rotor inspection and measuring with micrometer, proper cleaning and exercising of pistons, bleed and installation of new pads and rotors if needed**

Pivot Service $100
Complete breakdown of frame pivots and hardware, thorough “bio cleaning” and installation of Enduro Max bearings if needed, new grease and loc-tite, proper torque and reassembly

Bike Wash $30
Comprehensive wash with Muc-off Nano cleaner

Freehub Service $35
Disassembly, inspection and cleaning, replacement of bearings if needed and fresh Dumonde Tech free hub grease**

Sealant Refresh $15 per wheel
Stan’s No Tubes sealant or customer supplied