Sram GX 10-52 T-Type Cassette XS-1275

Sram GX 10-52 T-Type Cassette XS-1275


This exceptional cassette is crucial to the unparalleled inboard and outboard shifting performance of the Eagle Transmission system, particularly under heavy load. The GX Eagle Transmission cassette employs a full X-SYNC design, ensuring that the harder you pedal, the smoother and more precise the shifting becomes. With a chainline of 55mm, this cassette reduces extreme chain angles throughout its entire range, resulting in improved precision and extended chain durability.

The optimized 520% gear range of the GX Eagle Transmission cassette introduces larger 38 and 44-teeth cogs before the 52-tooth cog, enhancing the gear steps in the low-end range. This configuration offers superior performance compared to the Eagle drivetrain's 10-52-tooth cassette. For effortless installation, the cassette is equipped with a clearly marked Setup Cog, making the setup process simple and foolproof.

The GX Eagle Transmission cassette utilizes a combination of Pindome design for gears 1-8 and a single-piece mini-cluster for gears 9-12. This innovative construction ensures optimal gear engagement, durability, and smooth shifting performance throughout the cassette.