Book a Service Appointment

Book a Service Appointment


Does your bike need some love? Let our mechanics return your Spot to its former glory.

The $15 fee is a deposit to secure your appointment, and will be used towards the service. A thorough service estimate will be completed during drop-off. 

Appointments may be reschedules, however missed appointments will forfeit the deposit.

We proudly offer service on Spot brand bikes only. 

This appointment is for drop-off only. The date of completion varies depending on the services being done. 

Services Provided:

If you don't see what you need below, call us and we'll be happy to discuss the best course of action to get your bike rolling.

Brake Service:

We clean your calipers and pistons and bleed your brakes to keep you slowing the way you expect. If you need pads and rotors we will let you know and install those for you as well. 

Price is per brake

New pads and rotors are not included

Fork Service:

Disassembly of fork, and replacement of foam rings, wipers, seals, and fluids. Check for function. 

Seal kits are extra 

Shock Service:

We take your rear shock apart and replace the seals and rings, cycle it, and reinstall on the bike. 

Seal kit is not included

Bike Wash:

Deep cleaning of frame, wheels, and tires with products that are safe for not only your bike but also the environment. 

Pivot Service:

We take the rear of your bike apart to fully service your suspension. Remove the rear triangle, service all bearings and we will replace them as needed, we also check all fasteners and assemblies and retorque to spec. We clean and re-apply fresh thread-locking compound to all fasteners. 

Bearings not included

Drivetrain Service w/ Comprehensive Cleaning:

Complete removal of drivetrain and deep clean in our parts washer to make sure everything is in pristine condition when re-installing. We will also inspect each component for wear in case you need anything replaced. Installation of chain, chain ring, and cassette as needed. We will also put fresh lube on your chain so your bike leaves operating at its optimal condition. 

Replacement parts not included. 

Shifting service:

Let us get your shifting back to factory fresh. This service will include adjustment of shifting, installation of shift cable/housing, and hanger alignment or replacement as needed.

 Shift housing, cables, and derailleur hangers are not included in the price of service.

Wheel Service:

Do your wheels need some love? Book this appointment and when you arrive we can guide you to the correct service you need, whether it is: Hubs, truing, freehubs or a spoke replacement we can help you get rolling again. 

Cost varies depending on the services performed