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Mayhem 130- Cosmetic Blem Frame

Mayhem 130- Cosmetic Blem Frame

$2,699 $3,499

Color Specs
Medium Matte Hot Tomato CSB01105 $600 off
Medium Matte Hot Tomato CSC00988 $400 off
Medium Matte Hot Tomato CSC00715 $600 off
Large Matte Black CSC01732 $800 off
Medium Matte Black CSC01709 $600 off
Large Matte Black CSC01738 $400 off
Medium Matte Black CSC01742 $400 off
Large Matte Hot Tomato CSC01660 $600 off
Large Matte Black CSC01744 $600 off
Do NOT purchase the frame from this page, please see purchase instructions below!


Blemished frames are a great way to own a brand new Spot frame or complete bike at a significant discount! These frames are 100% functional, have never been ridden, and have cosmetic blemishes ranging from barely noticeable to moderate and are discounted accordingly. Our normal lifetime frame warranty applies to all blemished frames, the only difference is that you save more for a small scratch or chip! We will touch up any blemishes that we believe we can improve the cosmetics of, and a bottle of touch up paint is included with all bike or frame purchases. 

How to purchase:
  1. Identify the frame/size/color that you would like to purchase and note the serial number beginning in "CS" - this is your discount code. 
  2. Navigate to the main standard product page for the selected model, select the size and color that match the serial number from the previous step, and choose the frame or complete build option you would like to purchase.
  3. Add the bike or frame to your cart, and enter the serial number provided in Step 1 in the discount code box during checkout. Once you complete the purchase, this allocates the specific frame to your order.

The fine print:
-The main blemish is photographed and any other easily visible blemishes are noted on the card in each photo.
-Frames are sold on a first come, first served basis. The discount can be applied to the sale/listed price for each respective frame/complete build and cannot be applied with any other discount codes.
-No returns or assembly reimbursement offered for blemished bikes/frames.