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Supernova E3 Pure 3 Dynamo Light

Supernova E3 Pure 3 Dynamo Light


Supernova E3 Pure 3 Dynamo Light

The E3 PURE 3 has three amazing features: it’s sleek, bright and lightweight. In fact, it is one of the smallest and brightest dynamo lights with an aluminum body that is approved for use on German roads. With no switch, the E3 PURE 3 runs nonstop, which means that you hardly ever need to think about it – unless you exceed the LED’s lifespan of over 100 years.* So with this light, you are in safe hands, day and night.

Many accidents happen because cyclists are being overlooked during daytime. A strong daytime running light can prevent this, so we recommend riding with lights on at all times. Our energy efficient dynamo lighting systems like the E3 PURE3 make this very easy. With their integrated daytime running light they improve your visibility at any time of day.

Brightness: 205 lm
Input voltage: 6V AC dynamo
Stand light: 5 min.
Illuminant: Power LED
LxWxH: 49x41x41mm
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Weight: 90g without bracket
Supernova warranty: 5 years