Winter Service Special Deposit

Winter Service Special Deposit


Winter Service Deposit- $50
Total Winter Service special cost is $480 (a 20% savings off of our retail overhaul)


Reserve your spot for the annual winter service special with a $50 deposit. This service is a great option for our customers living close to our Golden HQ. Our Winter Service Special allows our very skilled service department to give your Spot a spa day after a long hard season of riding.

Serivce includes: full fork service, rear shock air can service, full drivetrain removal and cleaning, new cables and housing, bottom bracket service, front and rear brake service, pivot service, a comprehensive bike wash, freehub service, true wheels and fresh Stan's sealant in both wheels.
*Brake pads, rotors, bearings, and other parts (except for fork and shock seals) are not included in the price
**Balance of service is due upon completion of work, offer valid on Spot bikes only

Complete breakdown of services and individual prices included in the overhaul:

Fork Service $150
Lower service with cleaning and replacement of wiper seals and fresh oil. All parts of fork are inspected for damage.

Rear Shock Air Can Service $100
Thorough cleaning of air can, damper body, upper eyelet, damper checked for functionality and scoring / damage of internals, new air can seals

Drivetrain service with clean $60
Complete drivetrain disassembly and “bio wash”, hanger alignment or replacement, drivetrain adjustment with fresh lubricant (Muc-off dry), new cable and housing as needed

Bottom Bracket Service $25
Removal, inspection, cleaning and installation with fresh grease and teflon tape on BSA threads, all press fit BB’s will be replaced

Brakes - Front & Rear $100
Pad and rotor inspection and measuring with micrometer, proper cleaning and exercising of pistons, bleed and installation of new pads and rotors if needed**

Pivot Service $100
Complete breakdown of frame pivots and hardware, thorough “bio cleaning”, new grease and loc-tite, proper torque and reassembly
*If new bearings are needed, additional costs will be incurred

Bike Wash $30
Comprehensive wash with Muc-off Nano cleaner

Freehub Service $35
Disassembly, inspection and cleaning, replacement of bearings if needed and fresh Dumonde Tech free hub grease**

Sealant Refresh $15 per wheel
Stan’s No Tubes sealant or customer supplied